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I have been asked to review the Alan Rogers "The Best Campsites in Britain and Ireland" and as most people that know me understand that i say things as i find them so Alan Rogers may not have realised what they have let themselves in for.

On receiving the book I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked and felt, it does feel like you have spent your money on something that has quality to it. There are 368 pages to browse through, nicely listed in an order that is not confusing.
Listed in the contents are the areas that you require, south west england, scotland, wales etc and with these area being colour coded makes the pages very easy to locate.
There are over 600 campsites reviewed in the book which is plenty to travel around in a year, If you are having more holidays than that then we need to have a chat at how you are doing that as I am envious .
One thing that I really liked is how there was another section that had listings for:
Open all year
Bicycle hire, horse riding
Golf, boat launching, adults only

This well laid out book even has the camping charges that i presume were correct at the time of the press, I would always advise to ring and checkup first before accepting any printed prices.
Looking for a campsite is easy and it gives you a breakdown of what the site has to offer and even directions.
In the back of the book you have a listing of the areas in the relevant regions making it a lot easier and faster to book a particular area.
I have to admit in the past i have had some caravan site books but always liked the Alan Rogers one, I just find it easier to follow, type text is not to small and the pages are bright and friendly, if i wanted to pick on the book I would have liked to see more pictures of the campsites I may like, I just think it is nice to see where you are going.

At the back of the book you will find an advert for the Alan Rogers Guide that is for your computer making searching even faster.

If I was giving the book marks out of 10 it would be 7.5 the only thing like I said before is that i would like to see a picture of the campsite that I am thinking of.
The Book is only £11.99 and to last you a whole year is definitely value for money.

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