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Originally Posted by Abbeyman View Post
Dont you have a mover?
If you had one, you could set the A-frame right down on the jockey wheel; lifting the rear end up! that will help. Even a jockey wheel type would allow you to lower the front of the caravan somewhat, maybe just enough to keep that steady from touching the ground.
But with out pics its hard to say. Is the gutter deep? you could make a suitably shaped block of wood to keep the wheel up.
just a couple of ideas i thought i'd throw in!

What about the angle of attack? are you at an angle when its at this point? maybe a change of the angle might help! either the angle that the caravan is on as it reaches this point, or getting the car and caravan straight as you go to reverse in?
If it is that steep, I doubt whether a motor mover would be any good.
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