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Pete and Pitfour you are correct. The Act we work under and the new one is going to force a much higher level of supervision / management with supportive documentation.
The current and then new intended act also make it very clear that each person must look after themselves and fellow people around them.

Unfortunately we have the special selected group of people who come to work leaving what grey matter they may have at home and they are the very ones who are responsible for all the rules and a paper trail to prove firms did do everything they could.

However these special workers also have another side group who are owners and managers that don't use their grey matter and don't think anything will go wrong for them and their staff.

We have a new manager taking over from me at work and last week one of our staff crushed into a major control box with a forklift. Did not report it. and the new manager said nothing. Well when I found out I asked him what he was going to do about it and had he considered the very high risk of electrocution and or fire some arching cables. I got a blank look. I gave him a choice, stop walk and ask the man concerned to come forward and report the accident. If did not I would . Well we had our stop work and both said out bit mine was a lot rougher than the new man but we got the man involved by the next morning. Not the one we would have ever expected. The point I am making he is a typical example where the new manager clearly has no idea of risks and hazards so how can he guide staff through their day to day work safely. This is a classic case of why we have and need H & S act.
Cheers guys and thanks for the good wishes.
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