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Hi Pete; you should be able to remove and relocate the post; even if you have a concrete pad that the caravan sits on.
I did it when i bought our Abbey, our previous caravan was 17ft long and the new one 2.5" short of 23ft, plus i had to allow a couple of feet to be able to walk around it.

I dug mine up, and managed to lever the socket for the post out, enough to get rid of the concrete. I get the socket out by putting a big board in front of a window, and just whacking it with a BIG 'ammer! The concrete broke up and i got the socket out and relocated it at least 6ft forwards. I broke up the concrete a bit more, leaving it where it was, and used it to help fill the hole, i also used some rubble from the new hole to top it up before renewing the surface of the drive. Because my drive is mono block, i made a bigger concrete plug, that couldn't be moved easily.

It can be done; its just hard work!
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