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Originally Posted by Abbeyman View Post
Hi Pete; you should be able to remove and relocate the post; even if you have a concrete pad that the caravan sits on.
I did it when i bought our Abbey, our previous caravan was 17ft long and the new one 2.5" short of 23ft, plus i had to allow a couple of feet to be able to walk around it.

I dug mine up, and managed to lever the socket for the post out, enough to get rid of the concrete. I get the socket out by putting a big board in front of a window, and just whacking it with a BIG 'ammer! The concrete broke up and i got the socket out and relocated it at least 6ft forwards. I broke up the concrete a bit more, leaving it where it was, and used it to help fill the hole, i also used some rubble from the new hole to top it up before renewing the surface of the drive. Because my drive is mono block, i made a bigger concrete plug, that couldn't be moved easily.

It can be done; its just hard work!
Abbeyman - no problem with the location. The post is fully adjustable in that previous resetting involved cutting the post just above the level of the concrete when I obtained our previous caravan and we needed to move the post nearer the wall. I made up some brackets and a platform which has multiple mounting holes for the post upper part. The whole thing, each time when reset, is below the earth level behind our drive kerb at the front wall. Upon each adjustment, I have welded up the nuts & bolts and there would have to be a lot of noise for anyone to grind it all away. We are on an open area and anyone wanting to remove the post would not get far.
I think that if I were to remount it to put the hitch right up to the wall the 460-5 may JUST fit in. Pic shows the post against the wall when we first got the Topaz, and for this position I had to wind down the front legs on to a pair of castor wheel-equipped trolleys, then remove the jockey wheel to clear the drive kerb when the motor mover propelled the unit up to the wall. This became a pita and was not necessary as with the post further back the rear of the 'van cleared the public footpath. So if an Orion 460-5 goes in, it will be back to the trolleys but I can live with that.I will be measuring soon, but there is no real hurry as the domestic situation with our daughter may be stretching out over weeks or even months.
Thanks for the input!
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