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Unread 7th January 2012   #91
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I well remember in the sixties fitting wing mirrors on cars as an extra! They were not a legal requirement at all then, Dont know really when they became legal on the car ??? How many of you can remember the torpedo shaped sports! Mirrors, Or the Desmo boomarang ones that sprang back if knocked, Or the stadium overtaker that simply clipped in to the window/quarterlight channel in drivers door, MOST people only had the o/s one fitted,Unless rich)
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Unread 8th January 2012   #92
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Originally Posted by mlkey View Post
These regulations were superceded by the 2005 version I linked to back in post #12 of this thread. Furthermore, they govern mirrors fitted to a vehicle during manufacture. While the maximum width and approval types are still relevant to the extension mirros, the field of vision is not as you are adding additional length to the vehicle.

I have yet to see any actual LAW which states the exact requirements. I think it has become obvious in this thread that we all have our own interpretations.
Article 2 item 4 refers to 2010

The mirror (or devices for indirect vision) regulations have no reference to extension mirrors as technically there is no such distinction. Mirrors have to meet the regulations. If a caravan is coupled up then the mirrors on the car still have to meet the requirements of the field of vision.

From your link and mine
"Paragraph (7) of the substituted regulation 33, provides for definitions of mirrors and devices for
indirect vision. Paragraph (8) provides that the reference to ***8216;vehicle***8217; in the definitions in
paragraph (7) will also include a reference to a trailer in respect of the stated vehicles when
drawing a trailer

Are you seriously suggesting that the 49 pages are not a set of exact requirements?

The LAW is laid out in a series of regulations and disputed interpretation is up to the courts.
In the meantime people are employed by manufacturers to interpret the requirements in order to make parts and vehicles that comply.

Edit: to add reference
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Unread 8th January 2012   #93
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Originally Posted by beejay View Post
Are you seriously suggesting that the 49 pages are not a set of exact requirements?
I am stating a fact - the regulations refer to the requirements put on motor manufacturers (one of whom I work for). As I previously said numerous times in this thread (and you have repeated), if you fit extension mirrors to your vehicle they must meet the standards in terms of safety. There is no mention regarding the change to the field of vision when adding a trailer or caravan. The law states you must have adequate vision, you could buy a wide car and narrow caravan, it is then likely you are within the law without the use of extension mirrors.

I don't really care to be honest, I always use extension mirrors as I want to give myself the best possible vision. All this talk about the law is secondary as far as I am concerned. The safety of myself and my family come above all else. Extension mirrors are a safety device, I choose to use them to afford every chance of avoiding an accident when towing, irrespective of whether the law dictates I need them. Alko hitches - not law but a safety device.. how many would happily tow without one because they are not forced to use one? Same argument.. it improves safety so I fitted one to my caravan.

So many people here bark on about what is law and what is not, yet how many tow in excess of 60 mph on the motorways? I think that one is definitely law, often ignored.

Done with this thread now, if people do not wish to use towing mirrors (for whatever reason) that is their choice. If they get stopped by the police, then said police will make their interpretation of the law at that time.
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Unread 8th January 2012   #94
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I think this thread has run it's course now there is plenty of information in it and lots of legislation pointed out so I am now locking it to avoid confrontation thanks for all who have contributed to it
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