These Caravans Have Been Reported Stolen But Some Could Since Have Been Recovered
Check with police Before Buying

2007 Sterling Europa 620 (Twin Axle)
CRIS Vin number SGDTT4ASW70324686.
Crime reference number AG9853423-07
Stolen from Lenborough, Buckingham, Bucks early hours of November 25th 2007.

Bessacarr Cameo 525 SL 2004 model white single axle first registered with CRIS 2005.
VIN No SGDS004SW40806425. Crime Ref No N0720857 Coleshill Police Station

(Warwickshire) 01675 464444

Swift Challenger 490SE (1993)SGD5093SWP0047415
Compass Rallye 534 2002 VIN SGES000EX2RAF0037.
Ace Jubile Statesman sgds006sw60830162
Lunar Lexon 640 VIN no is SGLT000LU41001840
2003 Swift Charisma 565, SGDS003SW30291118
Bailey Ranger 510/4 SGBSB07BYX9900694.
Ace Supreme Twinstar VIN No SGDT005SW50312047
HYMER 530 FB - 2005 Model Vin no.WHYS32AHR57804975
BURSTNER VENTANA 530TL, 2001 Chassis: WBUF323TL12184471
1996 Swift Conqueror 640 Salon SGDT096SWT007822
Swift Blakemere 2003 Serial number SGDS003SW30292027
Abbey Vogue 416 SGDS095SWS0062973
ABI Jubilee Herald SG7SJUBABP0203265
Avondale Rialto 640/6 Ta SGAT000AV20002773
Avondale Rialto 640/6 Ta SGAT000AV20001904
Avondale Godiva 556/6(Special) SGAS000AV20002232
Avondale Rialto 640/6 T/A SGAT000AVY0001592
Avondale Golden Mayfair 555/6 SGAS000AV100022
Bailey Ranger 550/6 SGBSB09BY20200655
Bailey Senator Montana SGBTE05BY20201232
Bailey Pageant Moselle SGBSCO7BY30301216
Bailey Senator Camargue SGBTS46BYV9702548
Bailey Discovery 516 SGBSA04BY2020500
Bailey Pageant Moselle SGBST38BYW9801046
Bailey Ranger 560/6 SGBSB09BY20203973
Bessacarr Cameo 470gl Ta SG1T47CBER0017270
Buccaneer Caribbean SG2S000BUR0007702
Coachman Amara SG4S000CM30317148
Coachman Genius SG4S000CMX9911
Coachman Amara 520/4 SG4S000CM20215969
Coachman Amara 580/4 SG4t000CM20215482
Coachman Golden Laser 600/4 SG4T000CM20215389
Coachman Pastiche 520/4 SG4S000CM30317484
Compass Clarion SG5SHC3CPW9825430
Compass Magnum 524 SGES00EX2COD0221
Compass Kensington 500/4 SG5SKE4CPX9926414
Elddis Crusader Sirocco T/A SGET1CRElX3106098
Elddis Crusader Superstorm SGETPl1ELYCR30442
Elddis Superstorm SGET3CRELW3303046
Elddis 1995 Tyndale SGETIXLE7R3401074
Elddis Xscape 630 SGET000EX3AVA502
Elddis Elusion 420.4 SGES2ESEl4520502
Elddis Avante 630 Twin SGET000EX2AVASO42
Elddis Avante 630 SGET000EX2AVA5028
Elddis Avante 534 SGES000EX2AVA0322
Elldis Typhoon Ex 2000 Year S/N SGES74XEl7706048
Fleetwood Heritage 600 Eb SGFT000Fl2D000295
Fleetwood Heritage Es600 Ta SGFT000FlXD000533
Fleetwood Colchester SGFT000FLWC000627
Hobby Special 620 WH27E47MOFY44576
Hobby Exclusive 540/4 Ufe WHB24E43JOF244635
Lmc Ambassador 560/E W099821231/OLD638
Lunar Lexon Ew SGLTOOO/LU11OOO640
Lunar Freelander Eb SGlS000LU21003998
Lunar Freelander SGlS000LU11001853
Lunar Premiere 516l SGL5P11LUR1036586
Sterling Europa 450/L5 SGDOS98SWWOO92804
Swift Conqueror 550 Salon SGDT095SWS0067721
Swift Challenger 550/4 SGDS002SW20191406
Swift Charisma 545 SGDS003SWW0293278
Swift Conqueror 630 Lux SGDTOO2SWE20200092
Swift Conqueror 580 Lux T/A SGDT098SWW0098231
Swift Challenger 490 L SGDS003SW30291879
Swift Challenger 520 Se SGDS097SWV0082590
Swift Archway Maidwell SGDS002SW20195975
Swift Conqueror 630 Lux SGDT001SW10180114
Swift Conquerer SGDT002SW20200272
Swift Challenger SGDS092SWN0043063
Swift Rapide 440gxl SGDS092SWN0044328
Swift Accord SGDS09SS0062927
Swift Charisma 560 SGDS002SW20190556
Tabbert Contesse WIA227623XCH80178
Travelking 510 Tdf W097082TE20T12008