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Bailey install security as standard on Senator Series 5

With caravan security being top of many people's agenda at present, Bailey of Bristol has taken the lead by fitting the latest Al-ko security device as standard on its new Senator Series 5 range.

The Al-ko Secure immobilises a caravan wheel by fixing it to the axle using a key operated cylindrical bolt. To accommodate this unit, Series 5 models have been manufactured with modified Al-ko axles that are capable of accepting the locking mechanism.

This device will be factory fitted as standard on all Senator Series 5 models constructed after 1st September 2005 and will be available as a free of charge retro fit for units produced before this date.

Commenting on this new development, Bailey Managing Director Nigel Mattfield said "The introduction of Al-ko Secure immobiliser is a significant development in the fight against caravan crime".

"As manufacturers it is our responsibility to ensure that we do everything we can to assist customers in protecting their investment" he added.

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Protect against punctures and blow-outs

Ultraseal is a
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Find out about Ultra Seal and how it can benefit your caravan safety here

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Stolen from a secure site in swindon, on the 21st june 2005 was a 1998 Swift Challenger 490 se, 5 birth, converted to a 7, the van was not insured, so i have completely lost out and having 4 kids i cant afford to replace it!!! serial number SGDS098SWW00942299 any help to wards its safe return i the mrs and kids would be very greatful,

Adria Adiva532UP Fixed bed stolen 12May05 from kingsland farm Drayton Parslow north Bucks.complete with awning.Caravan was ready to go with bed made!We had this caravan 2months,unfortunatley it was not insured due to my Fathers death.We are totaly shattered by this.The police are not interested.When asked about looking on the "gypsey" sites Iwas told they(the police)cannot infringe the Human Rights of these missunderstood travelling people.So there you have it,we caravaners have no rights

abbey spectrum 540 registered in 2000.unfortunatly havent had it long enough to have a cris number (48hours)it is champagne in colour with bottle green and burgundy stripes.cream colour wheel covers.inside colour is bottle green and gold in very good cond.awning is a blue issabella full size.phillips cd player built in.stolen on fri 1stjuly at 3am bodmin cornwall.

Lunar Meteorite usual white/cream colour, roof mounted tv aerial curtains in the front only, torn blind front centre. Stolen from Knockdown in wiltshire/Cotswolds. Full of garden seats and other items due to house move. Much loved van, reward to information leading to recovery. Stolen between 13.30 - 14.30 thurs 14th July 2005. Distinctive little black round decals on sides high up. Greenish flash down side as standard. New cream velour front curtains that do not quite match interior detail. May but unlikely to be on index G470FNH. This was a plate that was inside her when stolen. Rumour has it a grey car was involved.

Stolen from a MOD compound Cardigan West Wales on the 7th/8th June 2005 between 2200hrs - 0730hr. 21ft compass Pentara 510/4 1994 model, Cris reg VIN SG5SP05CPR9419407 etched on all windows. Also with the caravan was a full length awning,make NR colour green and grey. A distinguishing mark is a faded circular sticker above the front left hand window when look towards the caravan. Any information please contact myself or dyfed powys police on 08453302000 quoting the crime no BCR/0085/08/06/2005/01/C

Compass Corona 556. 2005 model. VIN SGES000EX5CRA0006. Stolen from East Yorkshire on 29/07/2005 at 5.30am
e mail

Reported as stolen

Abbey Vogue 416 SGDS095SWS0062973

ABI Jubilee Herald SG7SJUBABP0203265

Avondale Rialto 640/6 Ta SGAT000AV20002773

Avondale Rialto 640/6 Ta SGAT000AV20001904

Avondale Godiva 556/6(Special) SGAS000AV20002232

Avondale Rialto 640/6 T/A SGAT000AVY0001592

Avondale Golden Mayfair 555/6 SGAS000AV100022

Bailey Ranger 550/6 SGBSB09BY20200655

Bailey Senator Montana SGBTE05BY20201232

Bailey Pageant Moselle SGBSCO7BY30301216

Bailey Senator Camargue SGBTS46BYV9702548

Bailey Discovery 516 SGBSA04BY2020500

Bailey Pageant Moselle SGBST38BYW9801046

Bailey Ranger 560/6 SGBSB09BY20203973

Bessacarr Cameo 470gl Ta SG1T47CBER0017270

Buccaneer Caribbean SG2S000BUR0007702

Coachman Amara SG4S000CM30317148

Coachman Genius SG4S000CMX9911

Coachman Amara 520/4 SG4S000CM20215969

Coachman Amara 580/4 SG4t000CM20215482

Coachman Golden Laser 600/4 SG4T000CM20215389

Coachman Pastiche 520/4 SG4S000CM30317484

Compass Clarion SG5SHC3CPW9825430

Compass Magnum 524 SGES00EX2COD0221

Compass Kensington 500/4 SG5SKE4CPX9926414

Elddis Crusader Sirocco T/A SGET1CRElX3106098

Elddis Crusader Superstorm SGETPl1ELYCR30442

Elddis Superstorm SGET3CRELW3303046

Elddis 1995 Tyndale SGETIXLE7R3401074

Elddis Xscape 630 SGET000EX3AVA502

Elddis Elusion 420.4 SGES2ESEl4520502

Elddis Avante 630 Twin SGET000EX2AVASO42

Elddis Avante 630 SGET000EX2AVA5028

Elddis Avante 534 SGES000EX2AVA0322

Elldis Typhoon Ex 2000 Year S/N SGES74XEl7706048

Fleetwood Heritage 600 Eb SGFT000Fl2D000295

Fleetwood Heritage Es600 Ta SGFT000FlXD000533

Fleetwood Colchester SGFT000FLWC000627

Hobby Special 620 WH27E47MOFY44576

Hobby Exclusive 540/4 Ufe WHB24E43JOF244635

Lmc Ambassador 560/E W099821231/OLD638

Lunar Lexon Ew SGLTOOO/LU11OOO640

Lunar Freelander Eb SGlS000LU21003998

Lunar Freelander SGlS000LU11001853

Lunar Premiere 516l SGL5P11LUR1036586

Sterling Europa 450/L5 SGDOS98SWWOO92804

Swift Conqueror 550 Salon SGDT095SWS0067721

Swift Challenger 550/4 SGDS002SW20191406

Swift Charisma 545 SGDS003SWW0293278

Swift Conqueror 630 Lux SGDTOO2SWE20200092

Swift Conqueror 580 Lux T/A SGDT098SWW0098231

Swift Challenger 490 L SGDS003SW30291879

Swift Challenger 520 Se SGDS097SWV0082590

Swift Archway Maidwell SGDS002SW20195975

Swift Conqueror 630 Lux SGDT001SW10180114

Swift Conquerer SGDT002SW20200272

Swift Challenger SGDS092SWN0043063

Swift Rapide 440gxl SGDS092SWN0044328

Swift Accord SGDS09SS0062927

Swift Charisma 560 SGDS002SW20190556

Tabbert Contesse WIA227623XCH80178

Travelking 510 Tdf W097082TE20T12008

February 10, 2005
We had a elldis wisp 450ct it was a 1999 model it only had a seriel number on the metal plate by the door which was 91EL860532, There were 2 caravans stolen from banbury oxon one was traced to a gypsy site in newark nottingham it had a tracker fitted to it unfortunatley ours never. It was dark beige bottom and a light cream top it had an orange strip down the side the police took the only photo i had we had only had it since august and we really miss it, i saw your web site and thought i would write as you never know. As with one of the other letters i read all our personal items were in there.If ANY ONE CAN HELP OUR NAMES ARE MR MRS KELLY

Please help us find our new caravan stolen from a TA Barracks in Lincoln, on the night of Weds 22 December 2004. It is a 2004 model Adria Altea 502DK 5 berth 22', with entry door on the o/s. It is white with blue stripes along the sides. It was full of all our personal items, as well as all the normal caravan equipment. The thieves bolt cropped the gate lock to gain entry, as well as the hitch lock. the Police were immediately informed. WE WANT IT BACK!! There will be a small reward for info leading to recovery. CRIS numbers will be published asap. It also has extra brackets fitted for the sink flap, and 2 extra double sockets fitted, one between the sink flap brackets, & one under the n/s front under seat locker.
alan taylor []







Stolen 1996 Swift Conqueror 640 Salon SGDT096SWT007822

Stolen 1996 Swift Conqueror 640 Salon SGDT096SWT007822

Stolen Swift Blakemere 2003 Serial number SGDS003SW30292027

Hi all
Please can you help , our lovely caravan was stolen
on the 6th of may at 5am from our town called
Oswestry in shropshire .
Our van is a Swift Blakemere 2003 Serial number SGDS003SW30292027
our freind saw the van been stolen but thought we had let our relations
borrow it .
The caravan is in the colours as all the swift group
Our van had a ALKO HEAVY DUTY fitted but the they just barred it off




We have put together a list of safety / anti-theft advice for your caravan:

The Environment
If possible park the caravan inside a building away from prying eyes of the caravan thieves. Then alarm the building.

If you are choosing a storage site don't just look at the price, check to see if it offers good security.
If the caravan is parked on the drive, it can be covered with a light
movement sensor that gives an audible chime inside the house when someone is around the caravan. It works during the daytime even though the light does not illuminate.

Fit metal security posts cemented into the ground in front of the caravan.Fit substantial Gates or a security post to your driveway.


Bulldog SA7 Fixed Security Post. Highly visual and effective. Can be used inconjunction with one of Bulldog's Minilocks to secure trailer or caravan at home or in storage.

Technological Security Devices

Dependant on the cost of the caravan a 'Tracker' type device or other competitive GPS tracking system should be installed to locate the exact position of the stolen caravan

Bulldog RAC Trackstar Plus Tracking System

Automatically alerts control centre if caravan is stolen
-Continuously tracks the stolen caravan
-Control centre is manned 24hrs a day,365 days a year
-Upon recovery, your caravan returned to your home by RAC, free of charge
-Sold secure and Thatcham Q approved
-Insurance approved
-Police endorsed
-Easily installed by fully trained engineers
-Full European cover available

Fit an alarm system to the caravan that uses the 12-volt battery to alarm entry into the caravan, and can also be fitted with a tilt or vibration sensor to detect it being towed away.Alternatively there are stand alone alarm system that will alert the owner via a mobile telephone that the alarm has been activated.


The Bulldog BL50 Interference Alarm is easy to fit no wiring involved. Its easy to use simple key operation. Armoured case designed to resist even a hammer attack. Fitting this alarm may qualify you for a reduction in your caravan insurance premium


Security Marking

Security mark the caravan, since 1992 the National Caravan Council (NCC) recognised manufacturers have stamped the vehicle identification number (VIN) on the vehicle chassis. This 17-digit number has also been etched into the windows. Check your caravan and if it is not marked in this way, get it done.Companies can provide specialist identifiable marking products for
individual caravans which enables police to trace owners.Roof identification of large letters or numbers can assist air support to track the caravan.Mark valuables and interior fitments inside your caravan with your postcode using a special etching tool or engraver. If you use a security marker pen, the writing will only show up under ultra violet light and may fade with time. Keep a note of these numbers at home, along with a photo of your caravan. This will help the police identify and return a stolen caravan or goods.

Physical Security Devices

Wheel clamps can be used as deterrent, but ensure that the clamp wraps around the wheel sufficiently not to allow the tyre to be deflated, the clamp taken off and the tyre re-inflated. Use lock-nuts on the caravan wheels

Jack up the caravan and place onto axle stands or similar. Take the wheel off and put 3 locking wheel nuts back onto the wheel studs. This will prevent thieves placing a wheel back onto the axle and towing it away, unless they take off the wheel hub itself and replace it with a similar one.

Secure each corner leg with a padlock. Make sure it has a short shackle to prevent thieves from cutting through it. If you use a chain, make sure it is a strong one. Thieves can easily get hold of the right tools to cut through a weaker chain.

Lock the coupling head into a cover with a hitchlock.

Hitchlocks categories

Adjustable version of the heavy duty range of Titan Wheel Clamps.
Wheel Clamp categories


Gas cylinders make an inviting target to a thief. Padlock them to fixing clamps on older caravans so they can't be removed and keep gas compartments locked on newer models.

Fit a special caravan deadlock to the door, and make sure you use it, then thieves cannot just smash a window and turn a door handle.
All security devices should conform to ‘Sold Secure’ Standards, which means they have been extensively tested to reduce the risk of loss due to crime.
General Advice
Remove all valuables from the caravan.

Do not leave vehicle registration documents in the caravan. They can help a thief to sell the caravan on.

Always close and lock doors and windows when you leave your caravan - even if it is just for a short time. Thieves do not need long to go through a caravan, and their job is made simpler if they can get in easily.

Always close and lock doors and windows when you leave your caravan - even if it is just for a short time. Thieves do not need long to go through a caravan, and their job is made simpler if they can get in easily.

Fit a time switch if you're out after dark, lights on in your caravan will make it look occupied and can deter opportunist thieves.

If you are a member of the Caravan Club, your touring caravan will be automatically logged on the club's security register. This enables the club to liaise with the police and dealers rapidly should a theft occur. It also helps authentic ownership if your caravan is stolen then recovered. The club keeps a register of all caravans reported stolen, even those of non-members. This register is widely used by police throughout the UK. You can write to the Caravan Club at East Grinstead House, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 1UA. Tel. (01342) 326944.


Get to know your neighbours on the site when you are on holiday and think about joining a vehicle watch scheme at home. Keep an eye on each other's caravans, and get to know who belongs on the site. Do not be afraid to report anything suspicious to either the site manager or the police.

Purchasing a Caravan

If you are buying a new caravan, ask about built-in security features. All caravans manufactured since August 1997 should be electronically tagged for added security.

If you are buying a second-hand caravan, try to verify the seller's identity and make sure the number plate on the caravan matches the one on the tow car. Also ask if it is registered with the Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme (CriS) - if it is, you can check its history through this scheme. If it isn't, call 01722 411 430 and get it registered.





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