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Colchester 560/4EK

Taken from a farm in Gloucester our lovely Colchester 560/4EK on Thursday 10th December. Identity No. SGFS000FL4C000492. Last year we took all contents out of the caravan but we had not got around to doing it this year. Some of the contents washing machine, microwave, freeview, combi tv, dvd player, awning, chairs, tables I could go on forever. We are completely gutted and had locks etc., very determined theives as the track marks going out of the farm showed. Police have done nothing so relying on general public for help. Crime reference number 039366/09.


Bailey Pageant Burgundy 2007
Our caravan was stolen on 30th january 2009. It is a Bailey Pageant Burgundy 2007 not quite 2yrs old. SERIAL NO SGBSJ06BY70700217. Unfortunately everything was inside. It has been reported as stolen but after 24 hrs the police have filed the case, lack of any new evidence. It was fitted with an alarm, hitchlock and wheelclamp.
Completely devastated about loss of van, if anyone should see it please call me on 07792228791 Thanks Karen
Elddis elusion 520/4
My caravan was stolen from outside my house monday morning (03-11-0 from whitburn west lothian The caravan is a elddis elusion 520/4 limited edition 1994 model. we had jut bought from my brother 2 weeks ago and han't found a storage space for it. it was seen being taken at around 1 am by a silver 4x4 witness didn't get reg no. it has been reported to the police. in it was everything- brand new awning that had only been taken out once, microwave, mini oven etc basically everything you would need for a trip away in the caravan.any details please contact gordon 07946223955 or lothian and borders police

Serial No SGES 8WPEL R8001537

Stolen Coachman Amara 2001Twin Axle 580/4

Serial No: SG4T0001110113714

Scotland badge on front under front windows – if removed would leave a mark but could easily be replaced with another badge.Small cracks on front locker where the key is inserted.Pin dents on door side where our awning came down last year.Odd blind in front window – on left if you where facing the Caravan. This blind looks almost pink tint where as the other blinds are silver. This pink blind never fitted properly and looks almost creased.Odd wheel on door side – We had a blow out and put a Rover Alloy on. The rover badge was displayed.Inside where a Silver portable TV/Video, Built in CD Player, Digi Box, many personal items, all usual cutlery, pots and pans etc, towels, bedding, sleeping bags, two new chairs one blue and one green with foot rests, clothes, toiletries plus much more.Canopy awning with sides in side locker – new this year.Water butts, aqua roll, dogs bowls, Ariel on pole lay on floor inside black tape round the poles.Orange, Green and Gold cushions on sofas.Large bathroom to rear with walk in shower cubicle. Bathroom cupboards are Turquoise with white handles.

Please call 07767 772115

Bailey Senator 9000 1994
Stolen from my bungalow in feltwell in norfolk on the 29/08/2008 at 05.15 am ,the car was towing the caravan was a sliver estate car , no id of the car.

The make of the caravan is a bailey senator 9000 ,year of make 1994.


2003 Bailey Pageant Moselle (VIN SGBSC07BY3030246).
My son-in-law and daughter bought a 2003 Bailey Pageant Moselle last year after a few years tenting. Their two children loved it, too. They've gone off to France today - unfortunately with a borrowed tent in a trailer as they discovered the caravan had been stolen when they went to the "safe" compound near Totton Southampton last night. Despite the locked gates, the hitchlock, wheel clamps, CRiS registration, etched windows, etcetera, it was taken between 4th and 19th August.

Do any stolen vans ever turn up (other than in Spain?) - what are the chances and what should I do while they are away to try to trace it? I have all their documents (VIN SGBSC07BY3030246). Many thanks for any help, Terry email
2006 Ace Award North Star Cris number SGDS006SW60827246
Last night our 2006 ace award loaded ready to go away next day was  stolen we have a cris number and we are searching for a photo , all  the windows have the cris number etched in and has lots of  identifiable personal alterations
South Cambridgeshire,
Ace award north star,
Colour white
Cris number sgds006sw60827246
Tel 01763 853139
Rally compass 644 twin axle Serial Number SGET000EX7RAF5090

Stolen from side of house at approximately 15.20pm Wednesday afternoon Rally compass 644 twin axle the caravan was only eight months old with all our caravan equipment we had gathered over the last thirty years of caravan including full brand new awning the caravan had hitch lock,wheel clamp,stay locks,fully alarmed. all of these safety measures? burnt/cut off with acetylene torch the caravan was seen to leave the side of our house towed by a maroon/red Mitsubishi/ Isuzu vehicle three male occupants dressed in blue police notified our address is Royds street TOTTINGTON BURY bl8 3nh 01204 88 3138 distinguishing marks on the van are tiny dint on nearside front under window,offside rear lower awning rail slightly damaged please e-mail with any info as my wife and i are devastated

Abbey Freestyle Vin No SGDS005SW50814913,
special Edition 2005 5 berth touring caravan was stolen on 30 May 2008 last know area Yorkshire/Hull,

Fully equipped and with a Dorema full size red awning, possibly been taken out of the country. This is a five berth twin dinette, CRIS registered. Any information would be gratefully received.

Call 07802 445 221 email

Abbey GTS Vogue 418
Our Abbey GTS Vogue 418 was stolen last night (22 Apr 2008) from our garden in Somerset (BA22 8JE). Its a 2004 model VIN SDGS004SW40803164 with some distinctive mods inside: fixed bed base modified to take full rectangular mattress rather than usual corner cut off. Bathroom door converted to bi-fold and extra power point front left seat front. Also slight dents and scrape to body above front windows on nearside. Van has Powr Touch mover system. Police CRIS etc informed. Grateful for any help.
Regards Martin White 01935 841860
Conway cardinal clubman hardtop trailer tent
Hi all
i need some help locating my conway cardinal clubman hardtop trailer tent and lider motorcycle trailer for two bikes
they were both stolen from my storage yard at annitsford near cramlington on wed 18 march by a silver ish honda car leaving at speed we think

pictures of the trailers are on this link

any help will be apreceated regards Gordon 07986601903
if you are offered the conway it can be identified by a very expensive re trim on the inside terracotta draylon with cream curtains and a cusion floor over laid on top of the original flooring in a laminate floor style the beda are covered in the same terracotta draylon


Can anyone help please we are a family who have no savings now as we blew it all on buying a brand new fleetwood sonata prelude 6 birth on 21st July 2006 from south wales caravans in Treorchy. Whilst we had the caravan we was away in it all the time over the weekends, school hols, Xmas and the new year etc it was stolen despite being locked and all security equipment being in place in may 2007 from behind our friends house in a town called Blaina South Wales where we live. Inside the caravan was all our possessions kids bikes, 2 digital cameras, photo's of my wife and kids at our renewal of our wedding vows (which cannot be replaced as memory card was in camera) T.V, DVD player, freeview box, bike rack, loads of clothes including a new design asda uniform where i worked. There was a awning and groundsheet also. All the caravan documents was inside the caravan except the registration document. We only returned home from staying away in it that day on the night it was stolen the registration on the caravan was BJ51 UGN we was unable to get the caravan to our insurance stated storage address due to it being late so we got it as close as possible. On the rear drivers side of the caravan had been bumped and was just sealed up on a temporary fix and on the driver side of the caravan there was some scratches from the trees and on the passenger side where the door is there are several scratches from the awning poles. Also inside the caravan the worktop by the sink and the main dining table had a dent in it.
Unfortunately our insurance will not pay us due to it not being at the storage address at the time of theft, so we are begging anyone who has any information with regards to this theft to come forward and we will pay a reward for any information that may lead us to finding our caravan.
Also we would be more than willing to pay the thief to bring us the caravan back as it is something we will never be able to afford again EVER
Please contact me on e mail
Or phone Mr Williams 07757808848
Or Blaina Police Station on 01495 290220 Quoting Crime Ref No. CB-595-07

caravan stolen from nr Grayshott and Hindhead

Last night (5:00am, 6th march 2008) we had our 1974, cream with biege stripe, caravan stolen from
outside our house in Headley Down, nr Grayshott and Hindhead, in Hampshire.It was taken away by a large 4x4 pick-up (make, colour and reg. unsure) and was dragged down the
road for a while with the caravan brakes still on, which will no doubt have resulted in some largeflat spots to the tyres.We are sending out enquiries, in hope, to see if anyone has been offered an old style caravan
(outside was dirty when stolen) for sale or to store.The caravan was handbuilt inside and out by my father and grandfather between 1974 and 1976 and hasbeen used for family holidays ever since. Although a lot of caravans are stolen every year, this
caravan has 34 years of sentimental attachement which is worth far more than the caravan itself.So if you have been or are approached with a caravan that looks like the attached photos, please
could you contact us on 01428 712849, or would also be very grateful if you could forward this email to any others within the caravan
industry, so that we can spread our search as wide as possible.Steve Coombs Derek Coombs
Hobby Excellent 650 UMFE – 2002Chassis No: WH27B25LOF239596


We upgraded from our older, much smaller caravan to this one.
It needed some work and TLC and we had almost completed the task.

This caravan was our pride and joy and was kept safely as we thought in our garden, however on 11/01/08 someone came into our garden at night through the adjacent Pub car park and dismantled the fence and towed it away. We had even taken off the tow hitch and had it chained up for extra security, but to no avail as the thieves must have come prepared.

There is a crack to the casing to the tow bar on the front of the caravan, also the flap over the electric hook up has the bottom right corner snapped off and a crack in the back window by the door. There is also a saucepan scold mark on the worktop to the right of the cooker, the door to the drink's cabinet has the glass missing and it has a brand new freestanding cooker and halogen fire. It was also fully loaded when it was stolen complete with TV, DVD, CD player, awning, tool box/tools, loungers and folding table.

The caravan was stolen from the village of Marsh Gibbon, Oxfordshire on 11th January 2008 in the early hours.

Crime Ref No: AL3007283-08

Contact: Thames Valley Police on 0845 850 5505 or Arthur on 07849928520 or Jill on 07704533717.

1970's Vickers gypsy caravan

I wonder if you might be able to help. I recently bought an amazing
old 1970's Vickers gypsy caravan to restore (one of the ones with all
the chrome and stainless steel)...but last night it was stolen from
the yard where it was being stored up near Peterborough. As you might
imagine, I'm totally gutted. It was a dream project for me and my
family. I absolutely love these caravans and had great plans to
restore a great bit of history to it's former glory.

The caravan is an early 1970's Vickers with very distinctive, and
from what I know, very rare, red banding on the trim. It is towable
but is in need of quite a lot of work - quite a bit of the trim is
missing (most of the missing bits were in it when it was stolen),
including the wheel arches, some side trim and one of the front
bumpers. Interior is intact but again needs lots of tlc. The tyres
are very perished and the white paintwork is pretty grubby and
distressed and needs a re-spray. There is also damage to the
stainless around the door.

I know that this sort of caravan is not the sort of thing that would
usually make it onto your site but as it is so unusual I'm sure that
it would grab the attention of any keen caravaner so I'm hoping that
someone out there spots it!

It was stolen from just outside Peterborough sometime in the early
hours of 10th January.

Any information can come either to me (in the absolute strictest of
confidence) or to Corby Police on 01536 207660 (crime ref.
NB25473/07). My mobile is 07976 249699 I am also offering a cash reward for any information that successfully leads to
its recovery.

Burstner ventana 500 ts single axle.
Burstner ventana 500 ts single axle. it was stolen last night from Copdock Near Ipswich. theives cut through security lock on gate also removing the wheel clamp and hitch lock, the gentle man had left all the books and registration details in the caravan, the caravan was fully loaded after his holiday.the caravan was stolen at 11.10 pm from storage site.if anybody is offered this caravan or knows were it is can you please contact 01473 730913, a reward is offered for safe return.
2007 Sterling Europa 620 (Twin Axle)


Stolen from Lenborough, Buckingham, Bucks early hours of November 25th 2007.
CRIS Vin number SGDTT4ASW70324686. Crime reference number AG9853423-07Caravan had a Bulldog wheel disc on each of the axles near side wheels. It also had an AL-KO hitchlock fitted. All corner legs were down and it had a Protec green cover fitted.To take the caravan, the thieves broke the padlock on the five bar gate and lifted it off it's hinges to open it. They then removed the cover, somehow removed both wheel locks and the hitch lock. The marks on the grass then suggest that they manhandled it round and out of the gate prior to hitching it onto a vehicle. Broken wheel locks and hitch lock were taken away by the thieves, with only small scrapings/chips remaining on the grass.Caravan is as new and has only been used for 6 nights since new. Only distinguishing mark is a very slight graze/crease on the upper off-side about 4 feet long and two thirds of the way back. This being caused by a tree branch. This is not a scratch, more of a slight distortion of the flat aluminium side panel.The grey plastic cap that screws on top of the heater roof mounted vent pipe was pulled off when they removed the caravan cover. And if they haven't removed it, on the upper near side toward the rear, there is a plastic bracket fixed to the side of the caravan with two 10'ish horizontal strips of black tank tape where the external TV aerial clipped on (see photo).As you would expect, various items were still in the caravan including two awnings, external TV aerial, water container, waste container, tool kit in plastic case, fishing rod/reel kit, two sets of Hunter wellingtons in Hunter bag etc etc.

Mick Linford 07831-558866

Bessacarr Cameo 525 SL 2004 model

white single axle first registered with CRIS 2005.
VIN No SGDS004SW40806425. The Reg No on the rear of the van was M12 CHJ.
Fully loaded with all equipment and porch awning. My telephone No is 01874
623170 Mob 07970606399 Crime Ref No N0720857 Coleshill Police Station
(Warwickshire) 01675 464444 We took our van to Somers Wood Caravan site at Meriden near the NEC on Sunday 14th of October. We had been at a Rally in Malvern and arranged to take it up to the site in readiness for visiting the caravan show the following weekend. We have used the site on a regular basis in the past, sometimes leaving it there during the week and returning for weekends without problems.Our intention was to go to the site on Friday 19th October and leave with our van on Sunday 21st October.We had a telephone call from the site owner at 1.40pm on Friday 19th to say
that the van had been stolen during the previous night, Thursday 18th
October, and hadn’t been discovered missing until mid-day on Friday. The
Police had been informed by the site owner.They took our van between 10.41pm and 10.58pm. They were seen coming in to
the site on CCTV but as they had the main beam on their car, and covered the number plates, no registration was visible. Also they used the sun visors to hide their faces.Distinguishing features are a slight crease above the "525 SL" lettering on the top right hand side of the door where one of the awning poles slipped against it. There was a split in the skirt on the A frame.
Inside the bathroom, the shower hadn't been fitted quite square and some
additional panelling was fitted to make it look tidy.
Swift Challenger 490SE (1993)


. Stolen from a “secure” compound just outside Stafford at the junction of the A51 and A518. This was our first caravan bought locally and was being stored at the same site it had been stored at for many years by it’s previous owner! My wife and children are truly mortified that when I went to collect it at 6pm tonight (1st August 2007) for a long awaited holiday, we found it had been stolen from the compound. I am lead to believe it has been stolen within the last 7 days!! Distinguishing features are few from other models of the same type, but it does have an additional external 240V socket fitted on the same side as the door and also has a wheel trim missing. Inside was an almost new Awning by NR Awnings, and all fittings ready for use. The colouring on the bottom edge of the van has slight smudging due to someone trying to clean with some kind of thinners in places, but other than that, there are few other things to identify it! Interior was a faded burgundy colour but in very good overall condition.
CRIS Registration number is SGD5093SWP0047415 but unfortunately we do not have the chasis number. Staffordsire Crime Reference Number is CA18507-07 and my contact number is 07801 049426 or 01785 615877 Distinguishing Features External 240V weatherproof socket fitted near kitchen window Broken rear window stay bracket Missing wheel trim on opposite side to door grey plastic pads on corner feet
broken shower head/tap broken clip that attaches to rail on rear table

Compass Rallye 534 2002 VIN SGES000EX2RAF0037.


I would be most grateful if you could list our caravan which was stolen from our drive in Hassocks West Sussex on Wednesday 11th July 2007.The caravan was locked and wheel clamped and fully loaded with everything to go away including the documents folder containing the log book – stupid I know but we were running through all the equipment prior to going away! Compass Rallye 534 2002 VIN SGES000EX2RAF0037. Light damage to offside front where it ran forward into post and broken nearside plastic wheel arch, the inside of the door is scuffed and there is a long vehicle sticker on the back which has been there for a couple of years so should leave quite a mark if removed. The upholstery is green/cream and slightly faded from the roof light.If you have any information please email Another picture can be found here

or contact Sussex Police 0845 6070999 quoting Ref. NM2/4625/07

Jubile statesman

I would like to report a stolen ace jubile statesman this was stolen on the 25th june between 10am and 12pm from beacon hill touring site in poole dorset i do have a number on the window this is sgds006sw60830162 there is a slight dent on the right hand side top and the centre window at the front of the caravan has a chip out of top right hand corner any help in finding the personal belongings would be a great help

Please Please call Neil on 07877281892
Lunar Lexon 640 VIN no is SGLT000LU41001840


Whilst travelling to the Isle of Wight and with the intention of stopping over, they stopped at Sutton Scotney Services southbound on the A34 (Winchester). They went to get food from the restaurant, when they returned, it had been taken off the back of the car, the van was locked on so we are not sure how it was removed. Obviously the caravan was fully laden with 2 weeks holiday clothes and belongings, and as well as the usual tv, microwave, digital camera etc that can be replaced by insurance, there were many personal effects that cannot be replaced (photo's, gifts etc). They have now continued on to the Isle of Wight so that they don't lose thier holiday money, but obviously, the situaton has led then to have to replace everything, clothes, food, toiletries, bedding etc. The van details are (apologies for lack of VIN no, they can not get this to me until they return and I have no photo's) Lunar Rendezvous 2004 twin axle, end bed. It has (or had) a bike rack (with bikes) with if removed, will leave distinctive holes. There are several dents around the door where the keys have marked it when the door has been opened. There are two dents in the work surfaces, one next to the sink, and one under the drinks cabinet. The outer door catch has been heavily glued and is noticeable.

email any information to

2003 Swift Charisma 565
Our 2003 Swift Charisma 565, registration number SGDS003SW30291118, was stolen from our 'secure' yard in Colerne in Wiltshire on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May. It was also wheel clamped and locked. Time of theft was between 11.45 am Monday and 12.45 pm Tuesday. Everything to go away was in it including tv, aqua roll, cutlery, crockery etc. We have reported it to the police. Any help or information would be greatly Anne
Bailey Ranger 510/4

Bailey Ranger 510/4 cris registared. Stolen from storage between the Sunday 1st April to Monday the 9th of April. The van was packed and ready to go a brand new dorema sirocco blue awing only used 3 times. The vin no. SGBSB07BYX9900694. It has been reported to the police. We have lost everything and we now have to sort out all the insurance. I would know the van if I see it again because of some marks that have happened with use on the inside. If anyone can help please email Yvonne

More pictures available here

My caravan was stolen from a caravan storage farm in rugby west midlands on Saturday 17 March early morning, we hadn't had it long, we bought it last year for the summer, we went there last weekend and got it ready for using next week end we were going to take my two disabled sons away for the weekend.
the caravan is a AVONDALE ARGENTE 640-6 year 2005 vin number SGAT000AV50001480 we hadn't had a caravan before this was our pride and joy for my sons and my husband and myself. we cannot go away again until we get some thing else i don't know how long the insurance will take. Two others went as well police said for us to go and find the gypsy site and see if it was there but that is there job not ours they wont go to them their selves. If any one come across this please contact me by email or Coventry police on 02476 483418.

Stolen 1/03/07 from CALDER CARAVAN STORAGE LUDDENDEN FOOT theft was on security camera but not clear two other vans stolen at the same time van was fully loaded contact sandra 01706819904
Ace Supreme Twinstar (VIN No SGDT005SW50312047)
2005 model Ace Supreme Twinstar (VIN No SGDT005SW50312047) stolen from Moreton Valence site at 01.30 hrs on Saturday 13th January 2007. The thieves broke through the locked access gate, went round the site to scope the best caravan to steal then proceeded to work on the security locks on my van. They appeared to jack the "quality" wheel clamp apart from behind the wheels and somehow bend the top arm around over the top of the wheel. There was an al-ko hitch lock on the front. The thieves appeared to lever the sides of the hitch lock upwards and sideways probably using some purpose made bar. I haven't found the rear stabiliser padlocks. They then broke into the caravan and I assume broke the alarm and tracking system. I got a call at about 1.15 in the morning at home but slept through it. The message in the morning was that there was a "power down" of the tracking system. All this was picked up on CCTV but unfortunately not very clear. All this took about 45 minutes. This is information to let you know how the theft was done. If you know of anything please contact Phil on 07798 848474 or Gloucestershire police on 0845 090 1234.
HYMER 530 FB - 2005 Model Vin no.WHYS32AHR57804975

Stolen from Oxford Camping and caravanning Club site on Abingdon road
Saturday 9th December,2006 It was in the storage facility within this small site & had a "Sold Secure"wheel clamp,Winterhoff double-locked hitch lock
as well as the corner steadies being down.The 'secure' site has a coded security barrier,locked outer gates (overnight)with warden & assistants on site 24hrs,7 days a week.The site was fully booked that weekend & our unit had to be hooked up & towed through the site to reach the exit barrier & beyond.If anyone was staying at the Oxford site or knows people who were and can give us any info whatever it would be greatly appreciatedPlease contact Mark on:07731 858 733 or Thames Valley Police on:0845 850 5505 Quoting Crime ref:BK 9606023/06 email

1995 Sterling Eccles Emerald Elite

Stolen from the drive at My home address in Milton Keynes 19 December 2006
Thieves removed Hitch lock and wheel lock cut electrical supply mains.
all the caravan's window have a security etching
The van color white/cream with Burgundy stripes and "Eccles" lettering
any help with recovering this caravan greatly appreciated

Ok Guys, Some good news 8.30 tonight 09-01-07 I received a phone call from the police to inform me that my caravan had been found in Norfolk. Apparently hitched to a vehicle and being towed at the time of capture. Discovered with the aid of vehicle recognition cameras.
I will tell you more when I have had the opportunity to gleen info from the police tomorrow after I collect my caravan.

Thank you all for your support here mail received and a big thank you to Eric for allowing me to post in his forum.

BURSTNER VENTANA 530TL, 2001 Chassis: WBUF323TL12184471

Stolen from Thornton's Holt Storage/Camp site in Nottingham between 20-23rd November following removal of wheelclamp/hitchlock.
This unusual van has green/cream upholstery and dark red loose fitting carpets. As the thieves are reported to have towed it through a fence and hedge the exterior may have sustained some damage.
The van was fully loaded and sadly all documentation for it was with the van when stolen and therefore it may be offered for sale.
If you see this van or are offerred it for sale I would be gratefull if you could telephone the local police and e-mail me

Pennine sterling 510 folding camper The serial number S/1487-05

Stolen from our garage in Corringham Essex It folds down to a trailer which is white with Pennine on the gas bottle compartment and Sterling 510 on the side.
There is small damage to the door and also the plastic by the jockey wheel.
The camper is fully loaded ready to go away
If you see this folding camper please contact the police email